Aromatherapy Foundation of Maui | Olinda, Maui, Hawaii

Aromatic Gardens

Discover the vast array of Aromas and the Healing power of aromatic botanicals in our Beauty & Wellness Teaching Gardens filled with aromatic plants! We believe that the aromatic 'garden' has a nurturing role in the development, improvement and refinement of the mind, emotions and body of individuals and is a vital tool in the management of stress and itís related diseases.

We believe that aromatic plants and their associated essential oils are intrinsically therapeutic, restorative and beneficial to human well-being.

Feel free to wander through our gardens, pinch the leaves of the various plants and inhale the divine aromas. Each and every plantís essential oil and hydrosol has its own specific profile, fragrance and chemistry that influences itís therapeutic qualities that assist with the health and well-being of the human organism.

The refined frequency of a fragrance can enhance awareness, support clarification of your higher intentions, restore emotional wellbeing, bring energy and balance to your physical body and enrich your heart to bloom. What an essential oil is able to offer to us in health support is related to what has been provided by its botanical host. The oils therapeutic properties depend on its unique molecular characteristics. A holistic approach to well-being considers physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your life and addresses the many causes of the imbalances we experience.