Aromatherapy Foundation of Maui | Olinda, Maui, Hawaii

Bi-weekly Distillation Demonstrations

Enhance your Hawaii visit with AROMATHERAPY!

Take time to smell the flowers and capture their essence in your take-home stress reducing and hydrating facial and body mist hydrosol that you yourself will assist in distilling at a unique and alluring three-hour Introduction to Distillation & Demonstration Farm Tour.

The Aromatherapy Foundation of Maui (AFM) aromatic botanical gardens and distillation pavilion offers magnificent views from a private hillside in the heart of Maui's aromatic region, Olinda, which translates to Oh Beautiful, above the charming and artistic Makawao Town. Our location is filled with the wonderful fragrances of aromatic plants. This electrically charged air creates natural aerosols with ionized oxygen, leaving us refreshed and revitalized.

Artisan-distilled in copper using low temperature methods, our farm fresh soft and delicate aromatic botanicals are highly regarded for perfumery, emotional balancing, antiseptic wound healing with antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Your morning will begin with a walk through our gardens where we will choose specific aromatic plants to be distilled for the day. Returning to our "distillation pavilion" we will actually distill our plant-matter into amazing and fragrant floral waters, known as "hydrosols", and smaller amounts of essential oils.

AFM is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to providing educational workshops, regarding the correct use and benefits of aromatherapy and aromatic horticulture. We are dedicated to raising personal awareness about the benefits of essential oils to create positive change in health, home and environment.

Distillation Demonstrations are offered Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9am-12noon.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for residential and non-residential attendee’s.

Cost: $79 per person Distillation Demonstration is included in the ‘Discover Aroma’ Residential Program.