Aromatherapy Foundation of Maui | Olinda, Maui, Hawaii

Client Testimonials for the Aromatherapy Foundation of Maui

Aug, 2007
Breathless... Avery tranquil, lush, quiet moment in time. My beautiful wife and I enjoyed our two days here more than we could've have ever wanted in a getaway.
Peter & Lisa, Aiea HI

Dec, 2007
When I saw the pictures of the Octagon Studio online they didn't prepare me for the beauty of being here in person! This is a very special place to stay... thank you for all of the care you have taken to make it comfortable, functional l& spectacular!
Eric & Ann-Marie, Calgary AB, Canada

Feb, 2008
Having not had real vacation in over ten years I set out to have the perfect holiday...a tall order to ask of any experience. Staying in the Gazebo exceeded my expectations! I am rejuvenated, relaxed and ready to take on the world. Thank you for sharing your beautiful retreat, it is truly magical.
Kai Soremekin, L.A., CA

Nov, 2008
I live here on Maui and never have I found a more soul-refreshing place than this, perfection! Ahh...
Deliah Blake, Maui HI

Oct, 2009
What recipe for peace, tranquility and relaxation. A place for reflection, a place to find beauty, a place for rainbows and discovering that the pot of gold lies within. This place will forever be etched in memory and I look forward to sharing this space with loved ones in the future.
Ryan Rivard, Alberta Canada

• May, 2010
To say this place is "nicely appointed" and that we had a "good stay" would be an understatement of gargantuan caliber. I found this cottage on the internet, what a find it was! It is beautiful, especially the cows and the birds in the am. We want to stay longer next time for sure and enjoy everyone in the future. Thank you!
Stan & Twyla, Bakersfield, CA

To the wonderful 'crew' at the Aromatherapy Foundation

Matt and I would like to thank you for a wonderful stay. We love upcountry and all that we learned about aromatherapy! The property is beautiful and the view is just out of this world. We enjoyed learning about distilling floral waters and how and why to use them. We enjoy a new experience every time and can't wait to come back. See you all next time.

Mahalo & Aloha

Matt and Kaira
Portland, OR. September 2007

Mahalo! I feel like Im leaving home. My heart is sad but also very happy. Im so glad the Aromatherapy Foundation is here to teach us all about the benefits of essential oils. I am waiting for the day when Richard and I can return, hopefully to stay in beautiful upcountry.


Randi & Richard
Salinas, CA. May 2006

Thank you so much for such a perfect Seminar Home for the training program. There was such wonderful energy to unfold! It was a spectacular, soothing setting for such deep emotional work at times! I hear little voices in my head sometimes saying bizarre little affirmations ! I really miss the laughter we all shared !